Monday, March 15, 2010


I have always loved espadrilles because they have an earthy look and are very comfortable.

I recently purchased two authentic and white...from a seller on ebay called newenglandcountryliving2...her/his prices are incredibly affordable

The blue is my favourite. It slips into my feet like a glove.


  1. Yaaay! Pics!I love these! You choose the right colours. They really suit you.The white pair look so crisp and classic.The blue pair are so relaxed yet sophisticated. The blue pair on the dark wooden floor looks so good too. They remind me of being by the ocean on a hot day. I am going to check out that seller on ebay too.
    I'm also going to check out tumblr.

  2. i keep saying i'm going to get a pair of those, but i always forget until i see them on someone else lol. i agree, very good color choices

  3. Thanks Sydney. I would strongly recommend you get a pair. They are extremely comfortable and they just look really dope lol

  4. I like the way that the Blue looks best as well. Cool post. I'm also on tumblr. I don't use it much. Blogger is a much better sight. I'll still look 4 u there. Enjoy your espadrilles!

  5. Thanks Shadow Arcade. I agree, blogger is much better. What's your tumblr url?

  6. These are so sleek, I love them!! Perfect for Spring, I your blog too!

    - Rachel

  7. Hi :)

    I'm not neccessarily in a jump and shout over them, but you make them look VERY SHARP. I guess it takes a certain about of shine to wear certain styles and make them just BRILLIANT. I can do that with some looks, but not all......

    have a nice day :)

  8. @ Rachel
    Thank you very much. I found out about your blog from Style Mansion and I am a huge fan of your pictures.

    @ Tuesdai Noelle
    Thanks a lot and yeah there are some styles that I would never even attempt lol

  9. Hmm me likey.
    Are those waterproof? :P