Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unexpected Travel Locations: Rockbridge County, Virginia

Me: Hey guys, my travellers today are Viola and Hermann and their unexpected travel location is Rockbridge County, Virginia. Hello travellers. How did you find out about Rockbridge County?

Travellers: It was our birthday weekend, and we were looking for an inexpensive and local getaway. We were very busy with work at the moment, so we were looking for something close yet cheap, convenient and adventurous. We did some research on Google and discovered a multitude of fun activities in the small independent cities (Buena Vista, Luray, Natural Bridge, Lexington etc) within the Rockbridge Country area.


A stunning replica of the Stonehenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia. The first time I saw this picture, I have to confess, I thought I was actually looking at the Stonehenge. An impressive photocopy right? Even more impressive is that the entire thing is made out of foam.


Foamhenge Natural Bridge, Virginia


Viola and Hermann, our travellers.

Me: Was there any particular website that effectively helped you guys to plan your trip?

Travellers: Yes! The official website of the city of Lexington was incredibly beneficial. The website is organized, up to date and outlines all major events happening in the area.

Me: How did you get around Rockbridge County?

Travellers: A car.


Natural Bridge, Virginia


Natural Bridge, Virginia

Me: Where did you stay?

Travellers: At a comfortable local inn.

Me: Why would you consider this travel location "Unexpected"?

Travellers: We had never heard of Rockbridge County before. While we were doing our research, we were shocked to discover how historically and geographically rich and diverse the area is.


Hiking, Buena Vista


At a local winery, Lexington, Virginia


At a horse riding event, Lexington, Virginia

Me: What was the most unexpected part of the trip?

Travellers: While we were driving to Natural Bridge, we were stunned to see what looked like the Stonehenge. The passengers in the car ahead of us were equally stunned, so we all stopped our cars and went out to examine the mystery. It looked exactly like the Stonehenge, but it was made out of foam hence the name Foamhenge.


Native American Village, Natural Bridge

Me: What were the highlights of your trip?

Travellers: Where do we begin? We went to a horseback riding event, and we saw a brilliant performance of Pride & Prejudice at a local school. We also went hiking in Bueno Vista, visited a Native American Village in Natural Bridge and tasted impeccable wine at a local winery. The Luray Caverns were also a spectacular experience; they are extremely beautiful and the stalactites and stalagmites are impressive. You have to see it to believe it. The Lexington downtown area is small but bustling with vibrant shows and bars. And FYI, The drinks are cheap. The entire Rockbridge County area is very small and compact, so all these activities are literally happening right next to each other.


Luray Caverns, Virginia


Me: Thank you for sharing your "Unexpected Travel Location"

Travellers: You are welcome. Thank you for having us.

Viola and Hermann are young professionals and business owners based in the DC area. You can learn more about Viola's business ventures at ALOIV

And that concludes the first feature of my "Unexpected Travel Locations" series. My goal for this project is to showcase the underrated and under the radar destinations we invariably ignore when we travel. If you have any unexpected travel location you would like to share, it could be a city, a restaurant, a hostel, a bar, a club or anything unexpectedly fun, please feel free to e-mail me at Cheers xx


  1. Amazing everything . Loved your blog. If you want we can follow each other via GFC , if yes follow me & I will surely follow back.


  2. Totally unexpected!! I really love this idea man!

  3. i love this new feature. I'm always looking for something and sometimes that next hidden travel spot is right under your nose and u have no clue. Keep em coming, maybe I can contribute if I go somewhere, anywhere, anytime soon.

  4. Cyn,
    Thank you very much. You are more than welcome to contribute if you stumble across any hidden gem.

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  6. Thanks for sharing our travel experience. We had a lot of fun discovering the many pleasant surprises of Rockbridge count.

  7. The city is so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  8. Spectacular photos ! happy belated birthday weekend.