Monday, May 24, 2010

...and summer begins

Howdy folks. I'm going to keep this one short. Je te promais. So the second I posted the last post, my ride to the airport arrived. I had to quickly scramble for my stuff and ended up forgetting my phone charger. I boarded a flight to Chicago and then from Chicago to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Taipei, Taiwan. I was probably on the plane for over 24 hours. I had one day to spend to in Taiwan and I made the best of it.

After gettinng information about my transfer flight the next day...

I boarded the shuttle. The first thing I did was find the internet and then find something to eat.

Taipei city lights

This delicious mushroom pasta swathed in some mouth-watering sauce cost me 3 dollars. Probably the cheapest and most delicious plate of pasta I have ever had.

I was going to sleep in a hotel but I ended up coming back to the airport. The airport had very comfortable lounges to sleep on and affordable restaurants. A lot of transfer passengers were staying at the airport so I figured I might as well. Besides, by not booking a hotel I would be saving some money. The next day, boarded a flight to Hong Kong for an 1 hour layover. After that, I caught my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Passing through immigration was smooth, except for this one lady who was a tad bit rude. My friend picked me up from the airport in his posh car and we drove around the city a bit. He showed me all the protest sites ( if you've been following the news, you probably already know that Bangkok has been rocked by violent protests over the past few months. The city is just returning to normalcy). My friend dropped me off at my hostel (which is amazing btw) sometime later than afternoon. The first thing I did was take a shower of course.My room has multiple beds but as of right now, I am the only one sleeping in it.

My favorite pair of sneakers making himself at home.

My locker. If you look closely you can see a blow dryer. Yes! I traveled with a blow dryer for my crazy afro which has been growing a lot lol. Don't laugh. I had no choice.

My balcony. Simply amazing.

...and this is the street where I live. It's Tani road, which is pretty close to the infamous Khao San Road. I did walk around Khao San Road last night and it is insanely out of this world. It's like a bohemian, backpacker, Thai/Bob Marley-esque touristy culture. I had to call it a night early because I was too jet-lagged. I'm well rested today and ready to tackle the the way, Bangkok is HOT AS HELL OH MY GOD. I'm from West/central Africa (the equator) which is pretty hot but man, Bangkok is on another level when it comes to heat, ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!!! I'll end here for now. Take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you later.


  1. Thanks for sharing, that pasta looked divine, yum. Go safely.


  2. Oy I hate flying through Chi for International flights *insert angry black woman fists*

    But YAY for Taiwan!! Enjoy yourself.

  3. Wow and double wow! You'rein Bangkok! A-Mazing!
    You seem like a very organized traveller Afrika. How brave too.
    That pasta looks too good! Mmm. Of course you need a blow dryer! Your afro is going to grow super fast in all of that sun.
    The balcony looks so stylish and your room is cool. Look at those city lights...
    Hope you have slept off the jet lag. Eat loads of fruit and drink loads of water.
    Keep safe!