Monday, June 7, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason. Cliche? absolutely right...but you know what? it is sometimes true. Everything DOES happen for reason. So much has happened and I don't even know where to start. I am currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in a shitty cyber cafe with shitty internet service but let's fastfoward a few days back. A day or two after my last entry, this really cool Australian guy came to the hostel. Since I had been in Bangkok for a while, I went exploring with him and showed him how to get around. We did those amazing boat rides again.

Which are extremely phenomenal during a sunset

It takes you under this bridge with an equally amazing view

We visited a lot of sites, including a beautiful buddhist temple. Here I am trying to have a spiritual connection with Buddha

We also visited the Anantasamakom Throne Hall which is an architectural wonder.

We explored uncountable places within two days. Not long after that, a guy from France arrived at the hostel and we all went out. While bar hopping, we met a guy from Belgium who works in Thailand full time. He was with his thai girlfriend and her friends. We all sat on one table and the Belgian guy would not stop ordering rum for us. We insisted on paying but he (and his girlfriend) wouldn't let us spend a penny. They were very hospitable. We ended up super drunk of course

and my Bob Marley shirt insisted on taking a picture during my many runs to the bathroom

The next day, more amazing people arrived at the hostel: a girl from Netherlands and a guy from Germany. We had so much fun exploring and getting into all kinds of trouble. Not long after that, we met another amazing guy from Israel who has been backpacking for TWO FULL YEARS. How crazy is that? TWO FULL YEARS. He started off in Australia/New Zealand, made his way through Asia and then he headed to Europe after two days in Bangkok and he would eventually end his journey in South Africa. I was in complete awe of his adventure spirit. TWO FULL YEARS? speechless I tell you, speechless. Anyways, the adventures continued in water

After the water adventures, the guy from Australia had a flight to catch to Austria. This was a Thursday evening and I was leaving for Cambodia on Friday morning. I had to wake up at 4am in order to catch the 5:30am bus from Bangkok to the Cambodian border. My plan for the night was simple: laundry and then sleep early so that I can wake up early. Before heading to sleep, my friends from Germany and Netherlands invited me up to the roof for some drinks. It was my last night with them so I couldn't turn them down. As I went to my room to grab my wallet so that I could buy some beer, a guy from Britain, who had just arrived at the hostel, walked into our dorm room. His bed was close to mine. He was introduced himself to me and I told him to come up the roof to drink with us. At the same moment, another new guy from Germany also arrived so I also invited him to the roof party. Walking up to the roof, I walked past this guy with glasses who had also just arrived. When I got to the roof, I saw one British guy and girl who had arrived at the hostel the day before. Immediately, we just started talking. Within five minutes, everyone was on the roof including the guy who walked past me with glasses. As we all talked and drank, I found out with the guy with glasses is from Chicago. My German friend suggested that we all go out to a well known club in Bangkok. Everyone was so pumped about going but I couldn't because I had to wake up early to go to Cambodia. The guy with glasses told me that he is going to Cambodia on Saturday. He told me to go out with them, stay an extra day and then we could both travel to Cambodia together. Everyone was enthusiastic about the idea and they told me to stay an extra night so that we can all go out. You know I can never turn down a good party so of course I stayed an extra day. While we were going out, another British girl was checking into the hostel. She seemed really cool so I invited her to join us. She accepted. So about 10 to 11 backpackers walked out and headed to the town for an adventure. It was an PHENOMENAL NIGHT. We got to the club at around midnight and we were told that the party doesn't start until 2pm. We bought drinks at a local store and drank it outside. Before 2am, we were all plastered. We negotiated a decent cover fee and got into the club. It was definitely worth the wait because the club was SICK!!! The pictures from the club are quite scandalous so I would leave you with just this picture of my friend being serenaded by some tattooed chick who emerged from nowhere.

We also checked out the sky club which is the tallest building in Bangkok. You can see the entire city from the top. Here's a picture.

So I definitely have no regrets about staying an extra day because it was all for the best. Saturday morning, my friend with glasses and I headed out to Cambodia. Everything worked out perfectly because we both split the cost of transportation and taxis so the journey ended up being cheaper.As I said, everything happens for a reason. We both went our separate ways today. He took the train to the north of thailand and I took the 7 hour bus to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. I just arrived in Phnom Penh about 3 hours ago and I am still settling in. My friend with glasses and I had a lot of fun in Siem Reap, Cambodia but I will save the stories for my next entry. I will leave you with a picture at the border between Thailand and Cambodia.

Until next time friends,
...a boy from another planet


  1. Hey, keep the photos coming. That chick don't look like she singing,(serenaded?????)or am I missing something. Anyway be safe my friend.

    Hey I tagged you on my Blog.


  2. I know I keep saying wow Afrika, but wow! I love your journals of your trip. I have never done anything like this but I wouldlove to. The picture from the sky club is oustanding. You aer living Afrika.It's so nice how you met so many fun people.
    Take care of yourself and take care again.