Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full moon party, July 2010

Here's a video of people jumping the fire ropes. That's me and my buddies yelling in the background. One of our buddies was waiting in line to jump so we were egging him on hehehe

Good times! Here are some pictures from the party.

asia and others 1214

asia and others 1236

asia and others 1205

asia and others 1238

I took the next picture on the boat ride from Koh Phangan ( the island where the full moon party takes place) to mainland Thailand.

asia and others 1241

In case you were wondering, Yes! my trip is over and everything seems so weird. To be quite honest, I am not exactly happy about being back. On the bright side though, I won a poetry fellowship at my Uni. From what I've heard, it is kind of a big deal and I would have more time to focus on my writing. I hope you all had an amazing summer and thanks for reading my rushed and probably grammatically incorrect ramblings. All the best.


  1. ******CONGRATULATIONS*******
    Well done Afrika, what a lovely blessing to come home to. What an achievement, wow. You will have to share some of your work with us!
    I now what post holiday blues feels like - never mind. As long as you hold on to those things that have changed you for the better.
    Hey! I saw people being burned by that fire rope, one guy went limping off in pain. Do I feel sorry for him - no. Did I laugh...yes.

  2. Im going this year and cant wait.

    One of the best partys ever!

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