Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kam-sam-nida : A summer in South Korea

A sun ray is lightly heating the surface of my skin and I can smell the exuberance of fresh flowers. You know what that means? summer is here. I spent the summer of 2008 in South Korea and it is an experience I would never forget. Below is an assortment of my favorite pictures.

View of the city Gyeongju from the summit of a hill


A traditional Korean performance


Gampo beach

The beautiful city of Busan. I consulted a fortune teller for the first time in this city. I did it just for a few laughs but I have to say, it was quite the experience.

On Busan's crowded beach. People are sitting beneath those orange shades in the background. I have never seen so many people on a single beach before.

Crab munching in the city of Pohang

California Beach in Gyeongju.

Taking shots as a penalty for losing in a drinking game. I'm drinking a beautifully lethal Korean liquor called soju. It's smooth but, um, very effective if you know what I mean. I got massively drunk that night and the truly absurd ensued.

So I got this shirt from someone in Korea. The writing on it is something hilarious or maybe even vulgar. The person who gave me the shirt articulated what it meant but I was too drunk to retain the information. If any of my readers are fluent in Korean or know someone who is can you please help me translate? I'll be forever indebted. Ok! enough about me. What about you guys? do you have any memorable summers or are you planning exciting adventures this summer? I'll love to know. Cheers!!


  1. How does soju compare to sake? In all the KDramas I've seen they rarely drink anything else but soju (not even beer).

  2. Hey Azuka, I'd say soju is stronger (in my experience anyways) because I get less drunk with sake. They are similar, however, in terms of smoothness. Koreans might think differently because a lot of them drink soju like beer. I'll be drunk in minutes if I did that.

  3. I have an urge to travel now;) My first destination would be Cameroon, and then other African countries. Then Asia, then Hawaii..the list goes on!

  4. Had no idea Korea had vegetation that lush. Looks like you're enjoying yourself. Love that 3rd to last pic.

  5. Whenever I get around to making it over to Asia, I'm going to be checking in with you.