Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sondre Lerche does Beyonce

Happy 2012 everyone. I hope the new year is living up to your wildest expectations. Let's get right into this shall we? My favourite Norwegian artist Sondre Lerche decided to do a cover of Beyonce's hit song Countdown. The result? EXPLOSIVE. I absolutely love his indie interpretation of such a classic r/b song. Below is a clip of Beyonce performing Countdown on Jimmy Fallon live. Sondre's cover

Brilliant ain't it? soothes the soul like warm tea. To download a free copy of the song on Sondre's website, click here...and that's all folks, for now anyways. I spent the last month in THE MOTHERLAND aka mama Africa so I will be back soon with some proper travel posts.


  1. wow. i didn't know he did this. i like his music.

  2. I've always loved Sondre and his small intimate concerts are always so so good!Thankyou!